The Bicycle of Science

A young man decides to ride a bike to work instead of a fossil-fuel-guzzling, carbon-dioxide-spewing vehicle. “I’m going to save the world from global warming,” he thinks smugly to himself. He thinks because he is saving the world he is entitled to special privileges. Laws, after all, are appropriate for servants, for women, for children, but obviously were never intended for the exceptional. He takes a shortcut across a crowded highway, screaming at the vehicles, “I’m saving the world. You’re not. You’re destroying the world. Get out of my way.” He causes a 52-car pileup and multiple fatalities, but he bikes away smug: he’s saving the world after all. Science is like a bicycle, but many of its modern riders are lawless and proud. They’re proud of committing infanticide because it’s with technologically-advanced, sterilized instruments.


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