Bibliography of Educational Resources

I hope to keep here an updated list of resources I have found helpful while researching my children’s education. (They are in alphabetical order by title.)

The Higher Education Bubble by Glenn Reynolds

Can be found here on Amazon. Reynolds argues that, in light of rapidly increasing university costs and massive student loan burdens, American colleges will have to reform or go out of business.

A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform by the National Commission on Excellence in Education

Can be found for free here. In 1983, the United States Department of Education released a report warning Americans that education in our country is failing.

Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning by Doug Wilson

Can be found here on Amazon. Meticulously researched, Doug Wilson explains the problems with modern secular education and proposes reforms. Doug Wilson emphasizes education reforms at the local level since reforms at the public and Federal level will take too long. He argues that the quickest way to reward good schools and good teachers and force bad schools and bad teachers to improve is through choice and tax vouchers, something Wisconsin is already trying.

The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory

Can be found here on Amazon. Gregory states and explains the principles every teacher needs to hone. I have found it helpful for teaching sailors and engineers at my secular job and the 8-12 years-olds I teach at my church.

“Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts” by Justin McBrayer

Can be found for free here. In 2015, a a philosopher critiques Common Core.


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