Setting Mousetraps

The day will come
When men and mice will be
No longer in an emnity.


The Curse on Work and the Cross

You cursed my work with thistles, thorns,
And now the thorns Your crown adorns.

An Old Book

Two minds
Traveling centuries
Through darkness
Finally meet.
They find
They’re friends
And long
To embrace,
But one
His body
Has lost.

Remembering Auschwitz: An Apocalyptic Lullaby

Conscience-seared, before the heat,
White lab coat men treat Jews like meat.
And upon the smokestack, lips attached,
Is Molech drinking human ash.

I wrote this poem after studying the history of Nazi Germany, trying to come to grips with the horror human beings can inflict on one another. There are times in history when an entire culture can be so overcome by blindness, even its intelligent and educated, that it reduces people to the level of meat.


Not from sunny azure skies of ease—
Pearls come from black and stormy seas.
The seed, to live and flourish, bloom,
must die in lonely, deepening doom.