MIT Professor Refutes Scientific Materialism

I recently added Monopolizing Knowledge to my reading list. Ian H. Hutchinson, an MIT professor of nuclear engineering and science, refutes scientific materialism, also known as scientism.

Monopolizing Knowledge



Augustine on Skepticism

Augustine mounted many arguments against skepticism in the 4th and 5th centuries. There may be more, but here are three:

1) How can you say skepticism is wisdom? If you don’t know anything, you don’t know what wisdom is. If you have any shred of an idea of what wisdom is, you have ceased to be a skeptic.

2) In order to doubt, you must exist.

3) If you know you have doubts, you are certain of something, namely that you have doubts.

“Skepticism is wisdom” is too certain of a statement; doubts prove the certainty of our existence; and in order to doubt we must be certain we doubt; therefore, we should flee skepticism.